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Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.’ Chris Grosser 

Nothing has ever happened from sitting around waiting for an opportunity to fall into one’s lap. Success has to be made and earned; and this is what we at The Laminate Company are doing. TLC was borne out of a desire to disrupt the business world and bring about a revolution in the laminate product industry. With our great work ethic and dedicated team, we are doing this exact thing.
TLC is a new name in the industry but we are slowly making our place with our approachable manner and adaptive business practices. Our method is simple: understand the customer and adapt accordingly.Our flexible after-sales approach with architects and designers to accommodate any changes and our belief in consultative selling truly enables us to satisfy the customer which is the essence of our success. I have complete faith that continuing on this road with my team will keep paving the way for future success for a long time to come.

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Lamination is the process of covering a surface in a protective material composed of different layers of material for the purpose of protection, insulation, strength, appearance or other reasons.The laminate surface is assembled by combining layers of material such as plywood, melamine, veneer or plastic film in the desired combination and putting them together by means of temperature, pressure, welding or bonding agents.

Laminates are greatly useful in a number of surface coverage purposes, such as furniture, flooring, doors, cabinets, etc. Using laminated surfaces allows one to take advantage of the fact that laminates are:

Laminated surfaces come in various forms and textures, such as: